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Crest2 2
A bove majori discit arare minor.
From the older ox, the younger learns to plow.

P-1 World Cultures
P-2 American Cultures 2
P-3 Civics
P-4 World Cultures 2
P-5 Lunch
P-6 Civics
P-7 World Cultures
P-8 Civics
P-9 Planning 

I am available before homeroom and from the last bell until 3:10 for additional help.  

ALL students are required to bring their textbook, pencil or pen and a notebook to class every day.  ALL students are required to have their materials opened and on their desk BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Personal devices are to be used for research only.

Students are required to use complete sentences for assigned homework. 

Parents: In order to maintain an above average grade in any of my classes, I encourage ALL students to spend at least 15 minutes a night reviewing material.  Additional time is required to prepare for quizzes and tests. 

Union School District 2006-Present- Social Studies and English department

·         West Virginia University- class of 1997- Masters degree program- Education

·         California University of Pa- class of 1995 -Secondary Education

·         Dual certification in Pennsylvania – Social Studies/English

·         1997-2006

·         Secondary Education English- Greensville County High School, Va.- 9th-12th

·         Juvenile Offenders Program 9th-12th Dinwiddie School District, Va. - Instructor

·         Reconnecting Youth Coordinator- Redbank SD, Union SD, Clarion Limestone SD, Clarion SD.

·         Capital One Corporation- Associate Training

·         West Virginia Radio Corporation- Program Director/ Southern radio division

·         Husband, Farmer, Small Business owner.

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