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Sligo Elementary School Unveils Multi-Sensory Room:

Mrs. McCleary, Mrs. Shingledecker and Mrs. Wilson are proud to present the latest addition to Sligo Elementary School, a brand new multi-sensory room.

What is a multi-sensory room? “A Sensory Room is a specially designed room which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses. These can include lights, colors, sounds, and sensory soft play objects, aromas all within a safe environment that allows the person using it to explore and interact without risk.

Sensory Rooms can help those who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and their ability. The user gets an unrestrained non-threatening space where they can explore at their own leisure. This freedom lets their teacher, therapist or carer see what calms them, rouses them and what they like or don’t.” Experia, Multisensory for Everyone (2015) Retrieved from: https://www.experia-innovations.co.uk/blog/the-benefits-of-a-sensory-room/

Who can use the room? The room was developed with all of our Sligo students in mind. Every student who would benefit from the features we have put in place will have access to the room. – Mrs. Shingledecker

What equipment is inside the room? There is a great variety of items inside the room that will help meet the unique sensory needs of any student who enters. We have equipped the room with moon sand, scooters, a trampoline, various sizes of exercise balls, bean bags, lava lamps, sensory tubes, tunnels, chewies, weighted vests and blankets and that just some of the items! The sensory room has also been painted a calming color and is equipped with special lighting, a CD player, portable fan and Amazon Alexa. Students who enter the room will easily be able to find something to help meet their sensory needs. –Mrs. Shingledecker

Why did we need a multi-sensory room? Our students need a multi-sensory to use as an outlet to meet their multi-sensory need and provide them a sense of comfort. They can also use the room when feeling over whelmed, stressed or anxious. The room will serve as a place where they can relieve stress and anxiety and allowing them to regain focus and communications skills.—Mrs. Wilson

How did this happen? Mrs. McCleary is really to thank for getting the ball rolling. We have had discussions in the past about the positive impact that a multi-sensory room could have on our students, however, Mrs. McCleary really ‘took the bull by the horns’ and made it happen this year. Through recommendations of the IU6 and our own personal research, we developed a plan to bring the room to fruition. I’m really excited and happy for our students and the positive impact the room should have on their daily lives! – Mrs. Shingledecker

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