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2022-2023 Superintendent Objective Performance Standards - Outcomes
  1. Monitor Teacher/Principal partnerships to benefit student learning. Principals will develop measurable and observable outcomes for teacher partnerships. Teachers will complete assessments  of these partnerships monthly. Principals and/or teachers will present these results to the School Board each month. - Mostly Met Goal
  2. Monitor the K-12 Discipline process to assess consistency and effectiveness. Provide a baseline comparison of the 2021- 2022 daily average incidents and actions to the current year. Principals will present those measurable and observable results to the Teachers at staff meetings and to the School Board at monthly meetings.  - Accomplished
  3. Keep the School Board informed, in executive session, of building level decision making/leadership of Principals affecting personnel. Hold them accountable for those outcomes. Acknowledge successes and use a performance improvement plan to address concerns for employees with recurring issues.  - Accomplished
  4. Observe 5 elementary and 5 high school teachers.  - Accomplished
  5. Develop written job descriptions for all employees.  - Accomplished

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