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Students of Union School District,

We welcome you to your Union School District email account! We are excited to be able to efficiently share information with you using technology. Keep in mind, with this freedom comes responsibility. You will be expected to act accordingly when communicating via email. The same rules apply to email as any other means of communication.

You must follow school policy and appropriate language when composing emails:

  • You must not permit others to use your email account
  • Do not create or transmit harassing, obscene, and other inappropriate messages
  • Do not use email to enable plagiarism
  • Any and all communications are logged and archived
  • Administrators have the ability to view all correspondence at their discretion and take disciplinary action when necessary

Proper “netiquette” should be used in all emails:

  • Use the subject line to summarize the topic of the email
  • Appropriately address the recipient (ex. Hi Mr. Cyphert,)
  • Use proper English. Text/chat language and slang are not suitable for school emails.
  • Use an appropriate closing (ex. Thank you for your time,)

    Some of your teachers may not consider email as an acceptable means of communication. Each teacher will have his or her own email policy (ex. Some teachers may not accept assignments submitted via email.). It is your responsibility to follow email guidelines set by individual teachers.

    You are also expected to abide by our Personal Electronic Device Policy:
    Union School District students fully acknowledge that use of a personal electronic device on the premises of Union District is subject to all guidelines, rules and regulations governing acceptable use as established by the Union School District's Board of Education Policy Number 815. It is further understood that use of a personal electronic device is restricted to those activities as required or related to the student's program of study and any use otherwise may be subject to disciplinary action including loss of device use privileges. Students WILL NOT access websites with inappropriate content using a 1x, 3G or 4G connection. Students and parents understand/agree that Union School District is NOT responsible for any damage or theft that may occur to the device while on school property.

    By logging into the Union School District wireless network, you are accepting the terms of the Union School District Student Acceptable Use Policy. Once on the Union School District wireless network all users will have filtered Internet access just as they would on a district-owned device.

    If you have any difficulty using your new email, feel free to contact me.

    Mr. Cyphert
    Educational Technology Specialist
    Union School District
    354 Baker Street, Suite 1
    Rimersburg, PA 16248
    E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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