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The Kindness Crusader mentoring program provides opportunities for select 6th grade students to promote, develop and maintain positive interactions and individual growth through role modeling among the entire student population and organized volunteer services.

Students are chosen based on, but not limited to, individual needs accessed by the school counselor, responsible performance in the classroom and social interactions among peers, and the promotion of leadership skills and abilities.

These students will work closely with the School Counselor. Students chosen to be a Kindness Crusader will have opportunities to conduct classroom guidance lessons with Mrs. Anderson, volunteer bi-monthly at Head Start, assist in developing a quarterly newsletter, meet with Mrs. Anderson during lunch on Day 6 and organize and run the school store.

Every 6th grade student has the opportunity to submit a short paragraph stating their interest in becoming a Kindness Crusader. Students will be chosen based on their essay, teacher recommendation, elementary school counselor’s individual observations and interactions, and overall behavior.

The Kindness Crusader Program is a developmental program. Students are not chosen based on academic levels or athletic abilities. Students are chosen based on their eagerness and willingness to help create and maintain a safe and friendly environment here at Rimersburg Elementary and within all the communities of Union School District.

I will select approximately 7 students for the first half of the school year and 7 different students for the last half of the school year. 

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